October 1, 2014

Month Of October

Month Of OctoberMonth Of October

Within the Catholic faith, the month of October holds a special devotion to the Holy Rosary. This tradition began in October 1571 following victory in battle by the Catholic League over the forces of the Ottoman Empire. After the victory a Rosary procession was offered, and in time the whole month of October became associated with the Rosary.

The Rosary is primarily a scriptural prayer. Pope Pius XII summarized it as “a compendium of the entire Gospel” (AAS 38 [1946] p.419). The Rosary draws its mysteries from the New Testament which we are called to meditate on whilst we pray. St Pope John Paul II had called the Rosary his favourite prayer, and in 2002 he introduced the five Luminous Mysteries (Mysteries of Light).

During the month of October, let us try to make a more concerted effort to pray the Rosary. Here at St Joseph’s the Rosary is recited daily, twenty minutes before the 10:45am Mass and Rosary hour is every Friday at 2:30pm. Click here to learn How To Pray The Holy Rosary.

Queen of the most holy Rosary, pray for us.

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