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Newsletter: Sunday 21-Apr-2019

Easter Sunday

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Newsletter - Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Newsletter: Sunday 14-Apr-2019

Palm Sunday

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Newsletter - Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Quarterly Bulletin: April 2019

Quarterly Bulletin: Volume 2, Issue 2

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Quarterly Bulletin - Volume 2, Issue 2

Quarterly Bulletin – Volume 2, Issue 2

Sister Wendy BeckettSister Wendy Beckett

Sister Wendy Beckett

By Marguerite Cook

Nun and Art Historian
February 25, 1930 – December 26, 2017

On the feast of St. Stephen, a much loved Catholic Nun died. Sister Wendy Beckett became an art critic and TV presenter during the 1990s. Sister Wendy wrote numerous books, and Pope John Paul II commended her for giving a positive image to the church. Sister Wendy’s obituary in The Times said St.Thomas à Becket; the 12C saint and martyr was a distant ancestor of this popular nun. 

Newsletter: Sunday 07-Apr-2019

Fifth Sunday of Lent

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Newsletter - Fifth Sunday of Lent

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Notes from the Organ Loft – March 2019Notes from the Organ Loft – March 2019

Notes from the Organ Loft – March 2019

By Peter Roberts

Psalm 51 is an excellent text to consider during Lent. It has also been set to music by numerous composers in varying styles, two of which I will briefly discuss. Readers might like to look up the famous ‘Misere Mei, Deus’ by Gregorio Allegri. Written during the Renaissance, it is an interesting early example of blended styles, drawing inspiration from Gregorian chant and from contemporary polyphony.